CHARM: The Center for Healing And Regenerative Medicine

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The Center for Healing And Regenerative Medicine

10815 RM 2222
Building 3B, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78730

512-614-3300 Main
512-614-3301 Fax

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Our mission at the Center for Healing And Regenerative Medicine – CHARM – is to provide comprehensive and integrated therapeutic techniques to promote tissue repair and recovery of function for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative conditions.

  • Resolve Pain
  • Repair Injury
  • Restore Function
  • Return to Living


At CHARM we believe the human body – your body – has everything required for complete recovery held within it. Our purpose and privilege as your health care partners is to provide an environment focused on removing the barriers and facilitating your body’s innate capacity to heal.


The dynamic and diverse team at CHARM has been dedicated to the advancement of regenerative medicine, minimal invasive pain management techniques, interventional spine procedures, and progressive movement therapies for over 20 years.
Offering both conventional and complimentary treatments, the team at CHARM combines therapies which are often more powerful and effective than any singular approach alone unlocking your healing potential. The future is indeed exciting for patients suffering from musculoskeletal injury, pain, and dysfunction.

By never settling for the status quo, our vision at CHARM is to see Austin, Texas
as the leader in the United States for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine.

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